6 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Oil Rigger in Your Life


Xmas is coming! That means it’s time to get something for that oil rigger in your life. But what do you get for the kind of person that spends most of their time outside battling the elements?

There is nothing worse than being unprepared for weather, no matter what it might be. Not to mention the fact that it’s unsafe.

To make sure that your loved one is safe and comfortable while they’re out their spinning chain, pulling wrenches, and making hole, why not get them some gear to make sure they’re able to deal with whatever the weather can throw at them? And while you’re at it, maybe a little something to make sure that they keep from going stir crazy in camp?

Let’s take a look at a few of the things that you can get for the oil rigger on your Xmas list to make sure they’re happy, healthy, and content.

Head Honcho Hard Hat Liner

oil-rig-hard-hat-linerThis is a must-have item for anyone who works on rigs in the north. Made from real sheepskin with a comfortable, plush interior and a rugged, long-lasting exterior, the Head Honcho Hard Hat Liner will keep you warm in even the worst of winter.

You can wear it up with the flaps up or down, depending on how much coverage you need. It also comes with a detachable face mask for the times when you need a little extra cover. The only drawback is that your breath (in my experience) may start to fog up your safety goggles while wearing it, but with a little adjusting you can certainly get it to work correctly.

Get it here.


Oh sure, you can wait for someone to bring a bag of “green monsters” to the rig and put ‘em on and go, but they oil-rig-glovesdon’t last long, and they don’t provide a whole lot of protection.

The best glove in the industry belongs to Hex Armor. They’ve got a whole range of gloves — some have leather and goatskin palms, others are made with their own proprietary material. They also have a  back-of-hand protection system that will make sure that your loved one comes home with hands intact.

Get some here.

Base Layers

oil-rig-warm-gearIf you’ve ever lived somewhere cold, someone has probably told you that it’s all about layers. In an industry where mobility is imperative to your ability to perform your job safely, adding several layers that all provide great protection is the key to safety and warmth.

To achieve this, you’ve got to start with a good base layer, and that’s what you get with Helly Hansen’s wool set. It’s two pieces of wool and synthetic fibres that keep you warm, and draw sweat away from your body so that you’re not freezing as soon as you stop working. Easily one of the best investments you can make in cold-weather comfort.

Get a set here.

Winter Boots

Now that we’ve taken care of that base layer, let’s get some feet staying warm! Quite frankly, anything but Baffinbaffin-oil-rig-boot boots on an oil rig is sub par at best, and embarrassing at worst. You don’t want your loved one to be the only one without the best boots in the biz on the rig, and these ones are the best cold weather boot available (in this writer’s oh-so humble opinion).

The Fortmac -60 will keep toes warm up ’til, well, -60 degrees celsius. And let’s face it — it can happen if you’re working up north. They’ve also got all the oil and acid resistant bits that are necessary, along with a “micro-cellular waffle foot bed” that traps air and moisture so no one ends up being uncomfortable with sweaty feet all day. They last for several seasons, quite easily, and are just a great all-around investment.

Get a pair here.

Wireless speakers

oil-rig-entertainmentThere’s a lot of down time on oil rigs. It can get a little boring in camp, so to keep your loved one entertained, this Bose bluetooth speaker is just the thing.

It’s small enough to fit along with all of the rest of the gear, and powerful enough to keep everyone else in camp up at night, should they desire to test the limitations of camp camaraderie. All they need is a phone or an iPod with their favourite music loaded up, and this speaker takes care of the rest. It’s not exactly audiophile quality, but it is probably the best that you’re going to get out of a speaker of this kind — which is quite a lot.

Get one here.

Books, books, books

Reading is an amazing way to while away the time in camp — or even in a motel, for that matter. When there’soil-rig-reading nothing left to watch on TV (is there ever anything on TV?), an Amazon Kindle provides a much-needed escape.

It’s small, it’s light, and the battery will probably last for an entire hitch. Not to mention the fact that you can have thousands of books on one device. For the bookworm in your life, this is the perfect gift.

Get one here.

Making a List, Checking it Twice

There you go! With this list you’ve got enough ideas to find something for that oil rigger in your life. And even if you don’t choose any of these, you should at least have enough to inspire you to get something this good or even better.

One thing is for sure: a comfortable oil rigger is a happy one. You can keep that oil rigger in your life all kinds of happy with a thoughtful Xmas gift like one of these ones. If you have any other ideas, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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