About Oilforce

Oilforce is an online employment center for the oil and gas industry. We provide a free job hunting system and facilitate the recruitment process for oilfield related companies throughout Western Canada and around the world.

We built Oilforce.com with the intent to create a system that is powerful yet simple enough for everyone to use. Job seekers have the ability to search for a job where they meet the criteria required to apply. Companies offering jobs on the other hand get to filter applications to appropriate candidates only. At the same time, the system provides a way for corporations to actively search for candidates as well.

It can be difficult finding out where all the work is. Oilforce.com was designed to create a valuable medium for all your career searching. Whether you are looking for local work or want to relocate, companies are recruiting all over the world. From marketing jobs to field work, it has never been easier or faster to find the perfect fit for your skill set.